Building a Hello Hub

Welcome to the official Hello Hub Build Guide.

Hello Hubs are community-built, off-grid internet kiosks for education and development.

Ready to build? Get to it!

The structure plans, software, and hardware specifications, along with tutorials and instructions to build and deploy a Hello Hub contained in this guide are Open Source, which means they are available for anyone to freely download and use, improve, contribute back or re-release.

The most recent version of this guide can always be found @, or at the following urls for printable/ebook formats:

If you would like to contribute to the Hello Hub project by editing, adding to, or organizing this guide, head over to the Git repo and file an issue.


Initial development of Hello Hubs is being supported by Projects For All. To learn more about Projects For All's use of Hello Hubs in education and community development, see Project Hello World.

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