Rapid Build 4-post Structure


This module includes the parts list, design specification, and build description for a rapid build Hello Hub structure, using (readily available) 4-post server racksas the primary structural component of the Hello Hub.

Note: This structure uses a standard steel or aluminium 19" server rack. There are many different racks availble from many different manufactures. These instructions are based on the 44U Open Frame rack from Rack Solutions, and has been tested by the Project Hello World team in real-world Hello Hub installations.

19" racks offer modular mounting options, and can be shipped flat-packed, savign on shipping/transport costs. They are generally a slightly smaller footprint than the site-build steel option. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that using the 19" rack based stucture means no welder is required on site.

The process for assembling and installing the rack is:

  • Assemble Rack on the Ground
  • Set Rack on Slab
  • Secure Rack to Slab
  • Mount the Battery Shelves
  • Install the Solar PV Steel Framing
  • Install the structural side panels.

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