Installation of the Hello Hub System

After you have completed the structure build and assembled the hardware. It's time to install the system. This section takes you through the process of installing the Operating System, Educational Programs, and Hello Hub Community Portal.

Installing the Operating System - Ubuntu

  • Download the lates LTS Ubuntu installation
  • Create a USB install flash disk. If you need help doing this, refer to the Ubuntu Documentation
  • Boot from the Ubuntu install USB and follow the installation instructions.
  • Choose erase disk and install
  • DON’T download updates
  • DO Install restricted drivers / formats
  • Configure name of system & create a “hello” admin user
  • After completing install, reboot into your new system.

Install Edubuntu and some basic packages

  • Update software sources to “main server” or “us server”, select “partner” repository
  • Update sources
  • Install edubuntu-desktop via apt-get
  • Update all other packages via apt-get dist-upgrade
  • Install via apt-get
    • chromium-browser
    • skype
    • gnucap
    • git
    • autossh
    • openssh-server
    • nload

Install & Config Multiseat

Configure WAN Network Interface

Configure WIFI Acess Point

Post Install Configuration

  • Install kalite
  • Config autossh
  • Config user shutdown/reboot permission

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