Fallback Boot Procedure

Use this procedure if the system is not booting properly, as described in the prior section.

Note: This section assumes that power system checks have been completed, and a normal boot as failed. System should be OFF to begin this procedure.

Disconnect the non-primary top box

Disconnect the blue usb and the power supply cables that lead to the non-primary top box. This will depend on the hub hardware you have installed, but is usually the top box connected to the add-in video card.

Plug the primary keyboard directly to the motherboard.

Remove the top box cover from the primary side. Unplug the keyboard usb and extend to the server case. Disconnect the primary top box USB cable from the system and plug the keyboard directly into the same port.

Turn on system

Boot the system on by pressing the system power on/off switch momentarily. The power supply LED should turn solid on, and the fan should start running.

Bios post

The system motherboard will display a very brief text-based message for several seconds indicating it is booting up. The screen will then go blank. This can happen very quickly, so you might miss it.

Boot issues

Wait 30 seconds

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